We are the churches in Alnwick and Shilbottle,
joining in prayer and shared action.

Welcome to the website of Christians Together in Alnwick

The nights are drawing in, the Christmas lights are going up, and the TV is full of adverts for must-have gift ideas - it's that time of year already!  For children and families it is a time of excitement, for many young people it's a time for socialising, whilst for others it is a time of remembering loved ones and wondering what the future holds. We are also aware that for many this year is challenging due to rising costs for food and energy. Wherever you are in all this, we hope that the information in these pages will be of help, and that you may know that the churches of Alnwick are here for you, ready to offer welcome, warmth and comfort in the dark days as well as in the joyful times.

And let us all keep an eye out for our neighbours, friends, newcomers and strangers in our midst. 

If you would like to request prayer for yourself or someone you know, please see our prayer link below.

Warm Welcomes... 

Several places are offering 'warm welcome' opportunities. Alnwick Town Council has compiled a list - you can see this here

Our churches are here to offer a safe welcome - to warm up at a coffee morning, find someone to talk to, or attend a church service in person or online. We hope the information in the website will help you make the right connection. 

Prayer during uncertain times

During these days of challenge and uncertainty, Christians are praying for those who are affected in various ways by Covid-19, health worries or other difficult circumstances. As Christians Together in Alnwick we are praying particularly for our town and for all those in need here.

If we can pray for you or someone you know who is in particular need please fill out a prayer request and we will commit to pray for you.