New Gospel Community Choir for Alnwick!


Bob and Mary Bain are looking for anyone who would enjoy singing in a Gospel Community Choir. The main aim will be to enjoy having fun singing together. Everyone is welcome. No experience is needed. There will be an introductory session on Sat 24th July, 10am to 12noon at the Costello Centre in Baliffgate (Adults £10, children £6). To register, contact them on 07988564299, or email

The event is being organised by Welcome Network, a charitable company

WANTED: New leadership for Mighty Oaks

Mighty Oaks Alnwick is a Christian outreach project providing a fully equipped coffee van which is manned by volunteers and deploys in the town centre on Saturday evenings. This offers hot drinks and a friendly point of contact for youngsters and other town centre visitors.

Due to Covid-19 this has been suspended since March 2020. We would like to get this back up and running soon – but to do this we need a new person or persons to take the lead on maintaining the vehicle and equipment and coordinating the team of hardy volunteers. The key tasks involved could be shared amongst a couple or more people.

For more details please click here (A4 PDF page)

IGNITE Alnwick - the new working name for 'Contagious'

Following the launch of IGNITE Alnwick, we have now published the launch booklet setting out more details of our vision and plans for the future. The full 12 page A5 PDF document can be downloaded here - just click the arrow in the top corner of the image below.

Ignite launch brochure 2021.pdf